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    Breaking the Consumer code
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Turquoise Thinking :: Market Research Company

We’re Turquoise Thinking, a market research company - we're here to help improve your sales revenues, understand your target market, and develop your business strategy. There’s an old saying that if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail. You can’t expect your products or services to sell as well as they can if you haven’t first thought about who you’ll be selling to and how best to get your message across to them.

That’s where we come in as market researchers. We use methods like depth interviews, focus groups, case studies and workshops to build up a picture of the market and customer behaviour – what turns them onto a product and what turns them off, which demographic groups are particularly interested in your brand, and which aren’t.

With this data, we can start to identify potential markets for your business to focus on. We’ll find openings for your products, explore who will buy your products and why they’ll use you rather than your competitors. How your brand is perceived can be key, especially when compared with your rivals in the same market.

Understanding your successes is vital too for moving forward – so we can pinpoint what methods have worked and why and build them into your future business strategy. If you have a product that’s not selling market research can get to the bottom of what’s gone wrong, whether it’s pricing or advertising. Then we can start putting things right and getting back on track.

With information on things like pricing and the pros and cons of various marketing and advertising approaches we can start to put together a comprehensive strategy that should ensure the success of your product. Sensible growth targets and future sales projections are the product of doing your homework and knowing your market inside out. That’s what market research can do for you and what we can deliver for your company at Turquoise Thinking.